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Courses & Workshops

With over 35 years of HR and nearly 30 years of experience teaching at the college level, I pride myself in being able to deliver leadership, management, and HR knowledge workshops that are relevant to today’s workforce.  I draw heavily on my experience to provide examples of the content which brings it to life for our participants.   I have listed just some of the training that I have developed and delivered both here and abroad.  We are more than happy to customize training to your organization’s needs.

Improving Communication

Improving Team Communications an Exercise with Legos™

Do you ever wonder how employees or teams find themselves at the end of a project, yet have a few pieces missing? Or why it seems that despite clear directions a project ends up far off track? How is it, that we can look is back on team decisions and ask how the heck did we get here? Yet fully know why before we even ask the question. We frequently blame it on a break down in communications or a lack of teamwork. Sometimes the issue is the team’s inability to overcome obstacles that get in their way. Or perhaps, the team members do a poor sharing information.

The purpose of this session is to introduce participants to an easy-to-use activity that can help teams address issues like;

  • Teamwork      

  • Communications

  • Information Sharing      

  • Dealing with a Disability

  • Overcoming Obstacles

These lessons and more can be delivered in a lively one-hour session where participants have an opportunity to test their teamwork, communications, creativity, and critical thinking skills. This fast-paced fun activity is a great lead-in for team discussions centered around what is going right and what teams can do better.  You will leave this session with a tool that you can implement on your own or by bringing in an outside facilitator.

Coaching & Corrective Action

Coaching & Corrective Action

  Often the most daunting task that managers face is confronting people problems. This workshop provides HR Managers and front-line supervisors with the principles necessary to handle the most difficult disciplinary issues with confidence. Using a combination of lecture, group discussion, and case studies that follow specific topics will be covered: How to recognize & reinforce good performance Self-assessment of conflict management styles Strategies to deal with "people problems" How to handle disciplinary steps Tips on how to handle the most difficult coaching sessions.

DiSC Leadership Training

DiSC Leadership Training

 Looking for an effective process to help your leadership team improve communications? The DiSC® model provides a common language that people can use to better understand themselves and adapt their behaviors with others — within a work team, a leadership position, or other relationships.

DiSC profiles help you and your team:


  • Increase your self-knowledge: how you respond to conflict, what motivates you, what causes you stress and how you solve problems.

  • Improve working relationships by recognizing the communication needs of team members.

  • Facilitate better teamwork and teach productive conflict.

  • Manage more effectively by understanding the dispositions and priorities of employees and team members.

  • Become more self-knowledgeable, well-rounded and effective leaders.

Emotional Intelligence

Using Emotional Intelligence to Improve Individual and Team Performance

Emotional intelligence describes how people deal with their feelings and how they perceive and interact with others. It has been said that we cannot control others, but we can control how we respond to others. While there is no substitute for technical knowledge, most organizations today seek to manage with more of a facilitative model. As a leader, one of the most difficult tasks is to help an employee improve their performance by better understanding the role that their emotional intelligence plays. 


Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, use, understand, and manage emotions in positive ways to; relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges, and defuse conflict. Emotional intelligence impacts many different aspects of your daily life, such as the way you behave and the way you interact with others.


If you have high emotional intelligence you are able to recognize your own emotional state and the emotional states of others, and engage with people in a way that draws them to you. You can use this understanding of emotions to relate better to other people, form healthier relationships, achieve greater success at work, and lead a more fulfilling life. 


This workshop explains what EI is and how leaders can use it to help their employees improve their own EI. In this lecture you will:


Learn the four parts of the emotional intelligence mode and how you can apply them to you work and personal life.


  • Self-Awareness

  • Self-Management

  • Social Awareness

  • Relationship Management

  • Identify five skills that you can develop to improve your emotional intelligence

  • Rapidly reduce stress in the moment

  • Beat relationship stress with emotional awareness

  • Nonverbal communication

  • Use humor and play to deal with challenges

  • Resolve conflict positively

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